Plasticine Tatooine is a 100% unofficial and completely made up collection of intergalactic nonsense featuring some of the more rubbish Star Wars characters sculpted lovingly from plasticine.

Weighing in at 32 full colour pages, Plasticine Tatooine is the ideal pocket-sized paperback for anybody who likes both Star Wars and Plasticine. Don't just take my word for it though, here's what some satisfied customers have said:
"I love plasticine and I also love those characters that are only in Star Wars for a split second so I always knew I was on to a winner with Plasticine Tatooine - it didn't let me down"

"I'm a big fan of books that feature C-List Star Wars characters made of children's modelling material so imagine my disappointment when I found out that Play-Doh Dagobah was sold out. Plasticine Tatooine is OK I suppose"

"Unfunny, naively produced and a complete waste of money are three criticisms I could never level at this book, it's amazing!"